Management of Hypertension - 1.5 CPD Credits

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Description:Learning Objectives: Understand why treatment for hypertension is advised. Be able to take a blood pressure, know about opportunistic screening for hypertension. Recognise people who require anti-hypertensive treatment. Recognise people who require referral or admission. Understand how to explain hypertension to patients. Understand the treatment options including medication and lifestyle advice.

Hypertension Course is authored by University of Leeds (UK) and is offered by VTR Mobile (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License) to appropriate organizations (e.g. National Medical Associations awarding CPD) so that there is no charge for the materials, but a charge could be made for electronic delivery of materials and for consequent CPD recognition. There was review-oversight by Professor John Walley of COMDIS-HSD Leeds with support from Dr Catherine Snape (University of Leeds). Dr Akan Otu of the University of Calabar and Drs Benard Bene and Philip Fadahunsi of the Federal Ministry of Health NCD Department (all MPH alumni, Leeds) were involved. From University of Leeds, the work was led by Dr Bassey Ebenso, Research Fellow Nuffield Centre (and formerly of the Ministry of Health Nigeria).

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