eWound Help Course 1: Anatomy of Wound Healing

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Description:We want to teach health workers how to observe a wound, how to do a good wound assessment, how to classify a wound or make a wound diagnosis and learn which wound dressing / wound product or alternative wound care to use for the different types of chronic wounds.

This course is focused on chronic wounds as this has been a major problem in Africa. The goal is to train the students to become wound care consultants so they can offer their patients an evidence-based practice.

Anatomy of Wound Healing Course is authored by ewoundhelp, a Healthcare Training Enterprise that supports health workers dealing with chronic wounds. Ewoundhelp conducts training on evidence based wound care in Africa through e-learning. eWoundHelp Founder, Maria Pedro Miala RN, BNSc, is a Certified Reference Nurse in Wound Care (Belgium). eWoundHelp Co-Founder Dr. Sinda K. Leontine is an infectious diseases specialist and has a PhD fellow in Microbiology (Cameroon).

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